Your Catskills wedding at Roxbury Barn and Estate

Your Celebration

Imagine your wedding ceremony in a forest of majestic pine trees. Cocktails on a hilltop with breathtaking mountain vistas.

Dining on a farm-to-table country feast under the trees by the lily pond. Dancing in our modern yet 170-year-old carriage barn.

Ending your day with a towering bonfire under the stars…

Your celebration with us: main features and facts

We host celebrations from mid-May till mid-October. Choose a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Thursday for your Catskills wedding.

Saturday and Sunday party sizes may range from 80 adults to 140 people.

Monday and Thursday party sizes may range from 50 adults to 100 people.

Romantic forest wedding ona 42-acre estate in the Catskill Mountains

Photo by Samm Blake

What’s included:

We offer three unique settings on a 50-acre estate, which are all part of your event. The estate combines indoor and outdoor event spaces, with solid rain plans in place.

Our enthusiastic team offers excellent support throughout the process, including day-of coordination.

Carts and drivers, get-ready rooms, all indoor and outdoor furniture, decor, lighting, audio equipment, comfy restrooms, AC and heating inside the carriage barn, are all included.

You have created a real-life fairy tale experience and continue to impress with the new additions.

– Greg & Anthony

Year-round assistance
and coordination of your event

Roxbury Barn and Estate is a pioneer and trendsetter in the recent revival of the Catskills. Having welcomed guests from all corners of the world for well over a decade now, we understand what it takes to make a momentous celebration happen.

We’ll provide year-round availability to answer any questions and bounce off ideas, and we offer feedback and suggestions during walk-throughs.
We’ll create a detailed timeline and we’ll coordinate your wedding day from start to finish.
We offer our know-how through our reliable Green List of superb vendors, easy to apply floor plans, and our Lodging List of 150 of the best accommodations in the area.

Weekend vs. Midweek

weekend wedding versus midweek wedding

Saturday or Sunday

Time frame: We host one full-day event per weekend day. You choose the time frame of your event, with a maximum length of eight hours on Saturday or Sunday, starting at the ceremony, with an earliest starting time of 3 pm and latest end time at midnight.

Party size: Saturday and Sunday party sizes range from an 80-adults minimum to a 140-people maximum.

Wrap up: Amplified music is permitted inside the barn until 11 pm. Latest time we light the optional bonfire is 11 pm.

Rehearsal: We’ll make time during the Friday previous to your wedding day to drop off items and have a ceremony rehearsal.

Monday or Thursday

Time frame: Midweek events are offered on select Mondays and Thursdays, providing you a 5-hour window for the wedding, with festivities at the carriage barn wrapping up by 9 pm at the latest.

Party size: Midweek events range from 50 adults to 100 people.

Extra time: Optionally and at an additional charge, you may add an hour for a large-size bonfire as the finale of the evening. Latest time we light the optional bonfire is 9 pm, with a latest wrap-up of the bonfire by 10 pm.

Rehearsal: We’ll make time during the day previous to your wedding day to drop off items and have a ceremony rehearsal.