Weekend Venue Fee

Full Day Venue Fee

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday – 2021

venue fee: $14,900
+ catering + bar


  • Minimum party size for a weekend event at the Roxbury Barn & Estate is 80 adults, maximum size is 140 people.
  • Venue fee for a Full Event Day does not include the weather dependable setup and monitoring of a large-size bonfire ($750), or the setup, lighting and cleanup of luminaries in our large field ($250). Venue fee and services are subject to 8% sales tax.
  • For available 2021 dates, please contact us.

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What’s included in the Full Day Venue Fee:
Catskills wedding Barn at The Roxbury Barn and Estate in upstate New York

The 1851 carriage barn

Beautiful event spaces inside our pristine carriage barn, both spacious and intimate with its two-level setup, with plenty of windows (pretty unique for a barn), and graveled courtyard.

Romantic wedding ceremony in a Catskills forest at the Pine Grove at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

The pine grove

Your vows on a bed of needles: the ultimate ceremony spot. The majestically high pine trees sit at the edge of our 30 acres forest, creating the feel of a natural cathedral.

Wedding on a hill top in the Catskills Mountains

The hilltop pavilion

With a beautiful mountain vista, our 40×20 ft. oak wood pavilion is the perfect spot for a classy cocktail hour, or for a roofed ceremony during rainy weather.

Endless Catskills mountains, private gardens, ponds and mountain vistas at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Lawns, ponds & gardens

Enjoy the series of ponds, stone walls, the rambling brook and rolling meadow of Spring Hill, surrounded by forest and mountains, all adding to the most extraordinary, romantic setting for a Catskill wedding.

Getting-ready Brides suite for bride or groom and wedding party at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Two prep rooms

The couple (or the wedding party) may use two rooms and a bathroom at the Captain’s House (the residence that is part of the property) at the day of the event to get ready.

Comfortable, spacious real restrooms in the carriage barn at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Comfortable restrooms in the barn

Beautiful, spacious, fully integrated, real restrooms inside the barn: two separate sections for the ladies and the guys. Plus, a powder room area, coat racks, mirrors, and of course we make sure all stays shiny clean.

Two four seater carts with drivers for the full event at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Two carts with drivers

Our two 4-person carts with drivers are available from the moment guests arrive for the festivities until the end of the wedding day, driving anyone anywhere on our estate.

All your banquet tables and chairs for the reception at The Roxbury Barn and Estate are included

All your dinner chairs & tables

Up to 140 beautiful wooden chairs with seating cushions and up to 24 banquet tables are available at the barn to seat all your guests for dinner: inside the barn, or out on the gravel.

Vintage folding chairs for your forest wedding ceremony are included at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Vintage wooden ceremony chairs

A separate set of up to 140 vintage wooden folding chairs will be set up for your ceremony at our pine grove or at the mountain top pavilion.

Heating and air conditioning inside the barn at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

AC & heating in the barn

On chillier nights, our warm-air furnace system keeps all event floors and the restroom areas comfortably warm. The event spaces of the barn are also fully air conditioned.

Helpful staff available during the full wedding event at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Helpful, friendly staff

Our friendly staff will approach you and your guests with detail, expertise and genuine good nature, setting up and breaking down, welcoming and guiding all guests, and keeping things tidy.

Designated parking area at the Roxbury Barn and Estate

On-site parking area

Your guests will arrive at our parking area through a wandering forest road on our property. There’s parking space for approximately 40 cars.

Hundreds of twinkling lights and string lights at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Lights galore

The barn and grounds come beautifully lit: hundreds of warm glowing lights, inside and around the barn, towards the parking area, and throughout the driveway.

The exclusive Roxbury Barn's Green List of best Catskills wedding vendors

The green list

An extensive, detailed and well-curated list of vendor recommendations, with a focus on all local quality specialists, such as florists, photographers, bands and deejays, etc.

Audio and speaker system available in the barn at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Speaker system

Four Behringer Eurolive speakers are installed in each corners of the dance floor. (Of course, deejays are welcome to bring in their own gear as well.)

A handy PDF with floor plans, offering over a dozen seating arrangements for a variety of party sizes

Floor plans & seating arrangements

A handy PDF with floor plans, offering over a dozen seating arrangements for a variety of party sizes, sparing you a lot of puzzling hours.

A stylish, well equipped bar is available for your wedding reception at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

A beautiful, fully outfitted bar

A stylish, well equipped bar with white stone bar top and back shelves, a high-end stainless steel underbar with three bowl sink, plenty of refrigeration, large ice bin, and gorgeous bar lighting.

Plenty of outdoor furniture freely available fior any wedding at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Outdoor furniture

Plenty of outdoor lounge options with dozens of benches, chairs, and Adirondack chairs: in and outside the barn, at the pavilion, and at the fire pit.

The Roxbury Barn and Estate offers freely available wifi and phone access

Wifi and phone access

With freely accessible WIFI in and around the barn, and a retro style phone available in our restroom section, you and your guests stay connected to “the real world.”

Portable PA systems are available for the ceremony and any speeches at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Two portable audio systems with mics

Our two portable, rechargeable PA systems with mics and mic stands are handy for amplification in the pine grove, or for background music in the pavilion.

The Roxbury Barn and Estate's Lodging List of all of the best accommodations in the Catskills

The lodging list

Our Lodging List with over 100 of the best accommodations in the area will make finding the right place to stay for you and your guests a breeze.

Time for a rehearsal and decor drop off on the previous afternoon

Rehearsal time on previous afternoon

You’ll have four hours during the afternoon previous to your wedding day to drop off items, decorate, or have a ceremony rehearsal, from 3pm till 7pm.

Solid team assisting year round at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Year-round professional assistance

We are here to help you! Year-round availability for site visits, and we’ll always make time to answers all your questions by phone, email, or Facetime.

Plenty of amps and standby backup system

Plenty of amps & secure backup power

Plenty of amps for your event, and our standby generator offers fully automated backup power in the rare case of a blackout.

An 8-hour window for your event at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Plenty of time to celebrate

You may set an 8-hour time window for your celebration, which can be planned anytime between 3pm and 12pm. And there’s the option to pick up left-behind items on the following day.

We’ll do the cleanup

We want you to have a carefree celebration from start to finish. So we do the cleanup, and you have the morning after your wedding to come and collect any items left behind.

Optional Extras:
Bonfire finale at a wedding at The Roxbury Barn and Estate


Bonfires at our place are large and spectacular. Setup, lighting, and monitoring of a large-size bonfire: $750


Setup and lighting of a meandering line up of flickering luminaries leading up to the fire pit, creating a magical, guiding path: $250

What is not included:

  • Catering and Bar: find catering rates and details here, and bar rates right here.

  • Linens, tableware and glasses get rented for the event, fully tailored to your preferred style and color scheme. Rentals usually start around $15 per person and upwards, and are organized for you by Ate O Ate Catering.

  • Lodging: see our Practical Information page to learn more about the wide range of accommodation options in our area.

  • Your choice of entertainment, florists, stylists, photographers, planners, transportation options, and more. Our independent and reliable Green List, made available exclusively to couples who have their wedding at our place, offers an extensive, wide range of great vendors, guiding you to all the best our area has to offer.

For available 2020 and 2021 dates, please contact us.

All rates are subject to change without prior notice.


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