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It has been an absolute joy working with you

“It has been an absolute joy working with you”

It has been an absolute joy working with you over the last two years in preparation for our incredible wedding day. From the moment we had the pleasure to meet you on a very rainy afternoon, we knew this was the perfect venue for us. You have created a real-life fairy tale experience and continue to impress with the new additions. It inspires us to witness your joy and service embodied in all the barn offers. Thank you for entertaining all our emails and for your outstanding communication. Our memories from our wedding are deeply cherished and we are forever grateful for everything!
  – Greg & Anthony

An incredible experience all around

“An incredible experience all around”

Our wedding day at the Roxbury Barn was nothing short of amazing. The estate is breathtaking and well taken care of – constantly updated and groomed. They offer carts and drivers to help the caterers and guest around the grounds. There are string lights hung all over the property that add a romantic feel to your wedding night. Every detail has been thought of. It is an absolutely magical place. And the staff is even more wonderful. I truly loved every second of my wedding day thanks to The Roxbury Barn.
  – Emily & Marty

From start to finish truly a wonderful and rich experience
Totally on their A-game

“Totally on their A-game”

As soon as I saw the Pine Grove on the grounds of The Roxbury Barn, I knew I had to get married there. The natural beauty of the estate is breathtaking. I loved the fact that we could do the ceremony and reception in one place – none of our guests needed to drive anywhere in between. We had a perfect event. At one point, some rain was coming and the staff were able to execute an outdoor dinner service before it started raining, without making us feel rushed. I really appreciated the attention to detail and the care with which we were treated. I highly recommend having your wedding here – it’s truly magical!
  – Lauren

Out of a fairy tale

“Out of a fairy tale”

You may think that it would be insanely difficult to plan a wedding from the opposite side of the country, but Casper is so organized it was stress-free. He is very quick to respond to e-mail correspondence and very thorough on phone conversations. There is so much that goes into these days, but the barn truly has it down to a science. With easy to follow brochures and forms, the planning went so very smoothly. We wanted a very intimate celebration, so we chose a weekday package. It was so affordable and very inclusive, we basically had to sign and choose food and a few decor options. It may sound like we had a simple day, but it was truly anything but. The entire staff at the barn moved like a well-oiled machine. The Captains House, The Hilltop Pavilion, The Pine Grove, and The Barn are out of a fairy tale. I can’t even begin to describe how perfect and beautiful our day was. When I relive the day in my head, I wouldn’t/couldn’t ask for anything more from The Roxbury Barn and Estate. What a wonderful venue with the greatest staff. I’d choose this venue 1,000x over.
  – Rachel

Incredibly attentive

“Incredibly attentive”

From the moment we first stepped on the beautiful grounds and met Casper, we knew that The Roxbury Barn was precisely the place to celebrate our love with our friends and family. As one learns throughout the planning process, the people one works with can often be just as important as the product a couple is searching for to incorporate into a wedding. In this regard, Casper is precisely the personality that exemplifies the kind of person we would choose to support both as a business partner and as a friend. Incredibly attentive, Casper always made us feel most welcome and accommodated everything possible to make our creative vision a reality.
  – Lorne

Above and beyond any expectation I had going in

“Above and beyond any expectation I had going in”

Pictures cannot do this place justice. Everything from the property to the staff working very hard to make sure you’re completely happy with your experience, just went above and beyond any expectation I had going in. I have no complaints. GET MARRIED HERE.
  – Jess

Attention to detail is off the charts

“Attention to detail is off the charts”

This place is magical, scenic, peaceful, everything I was looking for and MORE. When I first visited the grounds, we had already looked at about 6 or 7 other barn locations in upstate NY. The Roxbury Barn blew those other venues away, the proprietor Casper’s attention to detail is off the charts. They do a few projects every year to add to the property and keep everything well maintained. The owners are not just doing this for the money, they truly love what they do and want you to have an amazing wedding and it shows. They are so friendly and informative about every piece of the process, and they have great advice about vendors, table layouts etc. Honestly, I knew the moment I met the owner and got a brief glimpse of the barn that we had to get married here.
  – Christie

Readily available, accommodating, and genuinely nice people to work with

“Readily available, accommodating, and genuinely nice people to work with”

Lest we forget, it’s not easy planning a wedding, especially one that isn’t “local,” but Casper and Roger provided us with so much information about all the different vendors that have been at The Roxbury Barn before, which made choosing a caterer, DJ, etc. a breeze. So, on top of the fact that they were readily available, accommodating, and genuinely nice people to work with, they were also extremely helpful when it came to helping us with the other aspects of planning a wedding. Needless to say, if we could go back in time, we wouldn’t change a thing about our perfect wedding day; we certainly had the wedding of the century!
  – Christine

It was a glorious day. Just beyond expectations.

A stellar venue

“A stellar venue”

I think I speak for everyone who came when I say that the barn was beautiful and that you did an amazing job putting together a stellar venue. I think one of my favorite parts of the evening (aside from the actual getting married part) was seeing everyone trek up the hill, flanked by luminaries, up to the bonfire. Really an awesome site that you guys orchestrated.
  – Thatcher & Kristen

Everything we had hoped for and more

“Everything we had hoped for and more!”

I can’t say enough amazing things about this place! It was everything we had hoped for and more!! If a fairytale outdoor wedding is up your alley I HIGHLY recommend this venue! Thanks again Roxbury Barn for all the memories!
  – Kacie

“Gracious and professional staff”

The big wedding has come and gone, but the memories will linger forever, thanks to you both, your gracious and professional staff, and the magic of the Roxbury Barn property. All in attendance had a fantastic time. I have one unmarried child left, so we hope to see you again.
  – Ray, father of the bride

It’s f***ing MAGICAL

“It’s f***ing MAGICAL!!”

I don’t think we could have chosen a more beautiful place to get married than the Roxbury Barn. As one of my friends shouted upon arrival, “It’s f***ing MAGICAL!!” It is worth the money because 1. it’s breathtaking and 2. you’re getting multiple spaces out of one place. We had the ceremony in the pine grove which is……. WOW. Then cocktail hour in the pavilion overlooking the Catskills, and finally the reception in the barn itself, which has indoor and outdoor space. Also, they have a separate house for the wedding party to get ready, which provides its own wealth of beauty and picture opportunities! Seriously, go for a site visit, you will not be disappointed. They are incredibly competent and will leave you feeling well taken care of – I didn’t worry about a thing the day of our wedding! If you’re worried about rain, DON’T. They’ve got it totally covered. Just a note: there are a few things the Barn won’t allow – like open flames – because it’s a 200-year-old wooden structure. Their rules obviously make sense, but just be sure to check with them in case there’s something out of the ordinary that you’re really set on. They do offer a bonfire on the hill though! I don’t think I can stress how gorgeous this venue is, though. It’s so beautiful, you almost don’t have to decorate…. which we kinda didn’t!
  – Laura

Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day

“Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day!”

The venue is magical, and anyone who gets married there should feel like the luckiest person in the world. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect day!
  – Ilya & Nicole



When we noticed the strings of lights lining the yard outside the barn and near the beautiful lily pond, we fell in love. When Casper took us for a walk through the grounds, we were married to our decision to have our wedding at the barn. (Note: the grounds were covered in snow on the day we visited. They were even more fantastic in the summer!) Reflecting on our wedding, we agree that the Barn was indeed a magical and decidedly perfect venue for us. We felt so fortunate to work with Casper, someone who was invested in our experience and truly wanted us to have the best day of our lives; who was so magnanimous as to advise us and our mothers! Over the phone on many occasions leading up to the wedding! His calm, helpful, yet nonjudgmental approach was just what we needed to relax and feel present! The Roxbury Barn is fantastic!
  – Kate & James

A perfect wedding venue

“A perfect wedding venue”

Thank you again for such a magical wedding weekend. We cannot tell you how many people came up to us during, and emailed us after, the wedding to ask how we possibly found such a perfect wedding venue.
  – Anastasia & Pam

Every little touch – the set-up of the ceremony site, the beautiful care put into the grounds, the FANTASTIC staff – helped make our wedding what it was.

“Every little touch helped make our wedding what it was”

I literally have no words for how overwhelmingly amazing our wedding at the Roxbury Barn was. Every guest commented that it was the best wedding they’d ever been to, and that was so much due to Casper’s incredible, magical work. The Roxbury Barn is the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been, and every little touch – the set-up of the ceremony site, the beautiful care put into the grounds, the FANTASTIC staff – helped make our wedding what it was. Every single moment was beyond what I’d dreamed. I feel so amazingly lucky that we had our wedding here, and cannot recommend it enough!!!!!
  – Jenny


We couldn’t believe just how much better it could get

“We couldn’t believe just how much better it could get”

Thank you so very much for hosting our wedding celebration at your amazing property! When we first visited, we couldn’t believe we had found our perfect venue — when we celebrated our marriage, we couldn’t believe just how much better it could get. Our guests still talk about how great everything was, and we have you to thank for everything.
  – Lauren & Brent

Such a pleasure working with you

“Such a pleasure working with you”

It was a perfect day despite the rain (which in hindsight only added to the atmosphere!) and a big part of that was how hard you and your team worked executing plan B’s and keeping everything running smoothly, and for that we are very grateful. It was such a pleasure working with you over the last year. Thank you for everything!
  – Lindsay & Thomas

We really appreciated how genuine you were as a venue and host

“We really appreciated how genuine you were as a venue and host”

We wanted to thank you again for everything you did for our wedding. It was truly magical and our guests couldn’t stop talking about it. We really appreciated how genuine you were as a venue and host – it was all very beautiful.
  – Heather & Zack

My father keeps waxing poetic about your land

“My father keeps waxing poetic about your land”

Thank you so very much for allowing us to use your beautiful, enchanted property for our wedding. It was just such an incredible weekend, day, experience all around. My father keeps waxing poetic about your land. And I just love reminiscing about “the best wedding ever” with all of our friends. You both made it truly the most special day of our lives. Thank you!
  – Laura & Brian



We are so thrilled to have had our wedding at The Roxbury Barn. After first seeing the Barn and grounds last fall, we knew that it was the perfect place to get married and we are so happy that our family and friends could be there with us to celebrate. Many, many thanks to Casper and Roger for all of their help in making our big day unforgettable!
  – Anne & Tyler

This is the place!

“This is the place!”

I loved every second of working with The Roxbury Barn for my wedding. If you are looking to get married in the Catskills, this is the place!
  – Nicole

The most beautiful place

“The most beautiful place”

Thank you, Roger and Casper, for loaning us the most beautiful place we could have ever dreamt up to hold our wedding. Everything was perfect! We feel truly lucky. Thank you!
  – Jess & Mike

Everyone raved

“Everyone raved”

Everyone raved that the wedding could have been out of a fancy magazine and how beautiful the barn and surroundings were. Janet and I didn’t want to leave. There is no possible way it could have gone any better. It was better than either of us imagined.
  – Nuri


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