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Practical #1

Lodging during Your Wedding Weekend

The Catskills’ central location (about a two and a half hours drive from New York City; just over an hour away from Albany International Airport; four hours from Boston, Philadelphia, and Rochester) makes it a perfect weekend getaway for your wedding guests, and Roxbury and its surrounding villages and hamlets offer an abundance of options when it comes to hotels, inns, cottages, private home rentals and campgrounds for you and all your friends and family.

Though the time of Borscht Belt resorts and grand hotels is long over, the Catskills has in recent years become an unexpected haven for boutique hotels, swanky B&Bs and many gorgeous private home rentals. In fact, the Airbnb revolution has greatly changed lodging in the Catskills in the past five years, resulting in an abundance of wonderful vacation rentals to choose from.

All couples who book a wedding at our place receive our Lodging List: a comprehensive, detailed list offering insight into the best guest accommodations in Roxbury and its surrounding villages and hamlets (our list currently offers 100+ lodging options). We invite couples to copy their selection of the many lodging options in our Lodging List to their wedding website, or forward the handy PDF to their guests.
Lodging options during a wedding weekend in the Catskills

Practical #2

Catskills Weather

Unlike coastal cities such as NYC, humidity in the Catskills tends to be low in the summer, because of the high elevation, and evenings tend to cool off nicely, even in July and August. Spring and summer start about three weeks later than in downstate New York, April typically bringing quite a bit of rain. But by mid-May spring has really kicked in, and everything has turned lush and green. That’s when The Roxbury Barn & Estate starts hosting its first events of the year. The second weekend of October concludes our event season: evening temperatures start dropping dramatically later in October, whereas in earlier months evenings tend to be comfortable, and fall foliage also tends to peak in early October in the Central Catskills.

Practical #3

Rain Plan

We are prepared for whatever the weather brings our way. If there’s a chance of rain before the ceremony starts, we’ll temporarily cover up the ceremony setup so chairs stay dry. We do the same with the bonfire. And with today’s weather and radar apps, it’s really easy for us to predict a local shower, and help plan around it. So once the rain passes by, it’ll take us just minutes to get the pine grove ready again for a dry and beautiful outdoor ceremony setup.

If it were to continuously rain during the ceremony time, you could have your ceremony in our pavilion on top of Spring Hill. It’s a beautiful roofed structure sitting on a 40 by 30 feet wooden deck, offering stunning mountain vistas.

Our carriage barn offers plenty of space for a sit-down dinner for a party up to 140, with space left for dancing, a deejay, or band.

Catskills weather plan on your wedding day
Practical #4

Vendor List

We’ve named our vendor list the Green List. It’s a very extensive and solid list of quality vendors, and it’s made available to all couples who choose our estate for their wedding. Our Green List focuses on all local quality specialists (photographers, florists, hair and makeup artists, deejays and entertainment, transportation, etc.) and it gets updated frequently.

Our Green List and any other recommendations we make are solely based on quality and experience – we will never offer or receive referral fees or incentives of any kind in exchange for favorable references. Period.

Practical #5

Time In/Time Out

The Roxbury Barn & Estate hosts one full day event per weekend, therefore allowing you to choose the day and time frame of your event, with a maximum length of seven hours starting at the ceremony, with an earliest starting time of 3 pm and latest end time at 12 am. Amplified music is permitted outside the barn during cocktail hour, no later than 7 pm, and inside the barn until 11 pm. Music inside the barn may be played at a low “lounge” level after 11 pm. Acoustic music at a low level is allowed at the bonfire.

Couples have four hours during the afternoon previous to the wedding day to drop off items, decorate, or have a ceremony rehearsal, from 3 pm till 7 pm.

The Green List: our reliable and extensive vendor list
Practical #6


One of the unique features of a weekend wedding at The Roxbury Barn & Estate is the option of a large size bonfire on Spring Hill. Due to safety regulations, a bonfire may not be allowed depending on seasonal dryness. Roxbury Barn & Estate staff builds the bonfire in the days previous to the wedding date, and lights and monitors the bonfire. Latest time for the bonfire to be lit is 11 pm. The fee for a bonfire is not included in the rental rate. In case a planned bonfire cannot take place due to weather circumstances, there’s of course a refund, as long as the bonfire was not lit.

Practical #7

Rehearsal Dinner & Brunch

The Roxbury Barn & Estate is not available for rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch options. Quite frankly, we think it’s just not the best idea. You and your guests will spend the weekend in our area, and why limit yourself to one and the same location for your entire weekend?

There are some really great, affordable local options for rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches that we can tell you about, and this way your wedding weekend will be diverse, and the wedding day at our barn becomes a unique celebration, and not a place revisited multiple times. During your initial visit, we’ll gladly give you some great pointers on all the wonderful options our part of the Catskills has to offer.

Large bonfire as the finale at a Catskills wedding at The Roxbury Barn and Estate

Practical #8

Parking & Shuttles

Guests enter and leave the property through our main entrance on County Highway 41, reaching our parking area through a wandering forest road on our property. There’s parking space for approximately 40 cars. Alternatively, we suggest arranging transportation of your guests from and to their accommodation through a shuttle service, using 15-passenger shuttle buses and/or 7-passenger vans. We’ll of course give you recommendations for transportation services in the area. Small buses and vans use the circular driveway at the entrance of our property to drop off and pick up guests. Larger coach buses may not be used as they don’t fit the property, and tend to cause nuisance and property damage at the different lodging facilities and their surroundings.

See our property map for the layout of the driveway and parking area.

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