Our venue in the Catskill Mountains

Our Place

We had this dream to combine our love of the Catskills and of our home into a majestic and distinct gathering place. We combined the lush beauty of our grounds with bold, welcoming event spaces. We scraped and built, planted and grew, and formed a team of talent, providing genuinely friendly service. And as we’ve progressed from our first celebrations, over fourteen years ago, to the unique place it has since become, our dream has come true.

Casper de Boer & Roger Ross Williams,
Owners & Founders of Roxbury Barn and Estate

We really appreciated how genuine you were as a venue and host.

– Heather and Zack
Natural wedding ceremony in the forest

Photo by Forever Photo NY

Heritage and feisty modern flair

In the 1850s, a Mississippi boat captain traveled to Roxbury to build a family summer home. His widow sold the place to a cauliflower farmer. A New York City dentist almost burned down the barn when he started his car. A World War II hero retired at the estate in the 1950s. And the current owners, an Oscar, Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker and his husband, transformed the place to what it is now. There’s plenty of history here…

Stunning natural scenery at the 42-acre estate in the Catskills

Photo by Chuy Photos

The Estate

Bordering forever wild forests in the high peaks of the Central Catskills, our estate consists of 50 acres of stunning natural scenery. The diverse grounds offer a range of spectacular settings.

Upon arrival through our lush driveway, guests enter the sloping meadows of Spring Hill, where a large bonfire is set up, waiting to be lit as the finale of the day…

Uniquely redesigned carriage barn

Uniquely redesigned

Painstakingly restored and renovated, the 172-year-old barn combines old-world grandeur with the comfort of a sleekly designed bar, well-outfitted restrooms, air-conditioning and heating, WIFI and audio systems.

This solid structure is uniquely redesigned and beautifully styled; ready to facilitate flawless events.

Stunning natural scenery at Roxbury Barn and Estate

Photo by Magic Fliute

Stunning Scenery

The Hilltop Pavilion offers gorgeous views of Cator Roundtop, a mountain covered in trees, rising 2867 feet tall across the valley. The nearby pine grove, with its majestic, towering trees, is the ideal open-air setting for a Catskill wedding ceremony.

Stroll down Spring Hill and enter the tree lined courtyard leading to the barn, with its rambling brook on one side and the water lily pond on the other.